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In Brief

Jaime L. was born under the Star of David in the Bronx, U.S.A. where, according to his parents, his first uttered word began with “F”. Hitching across the country at the age of four, Jaime and the Leopold clan arrived in Portland, Oregon greeted by the first wave of immigrants who had set up camp in smoky teepees at S.W. 13th and Mill Streets – now the site of the 405 Interchange. Many years passed by.

After graduating with the slightest of honors from Washington High School, he set off for San Francisco State College and the boiling cauldron of the Haight-Ashbury. There, dressed in the style of the times, he played string bass in the Orkustra – lightshows for the blind – with David La Flamme and Bobby Beausoleil before being escorted to the S.F. County Jail – do not pass go, do not collect $200.

After six months he was released to find girlfriend abandonment and fled screaming to NYC. Overtaken by loneliness he called his old pal Dan Hicks who invited him to join his merry band. Then proceeded five years of ups & downs, needles and spoons, grand glories & low dodges.

After four well-received albums, but in perilous health, he returned to Portland to come clean to his Confessor. That done, he loved, married and helped to raise two gorgeous daughters while prosecuting a career as the wunderkind salesman of all things ennobling.
Through it all he never stopped scribbling in his musical diary.

So now you find him, once more, casting off the devil’s voice and hoping for angels. Or something like that.